Wah Tai Garment (Hong Kong) Limited (before Wah Tai Garment company )is a long established garment company based in Hong Kong, we have been engaging into the garment business since the 70s. Through decades of changes, what remains the same is our insistence in pursuing fine quality garment and good services in world class standard. With diverse experience in all types of garments and our long established reputation, what we can give our clients is promise of high quality. We have a universal customer network, with clients from local big brand to U.S., Europe and Japan companies



華泰製衣(香港)有限公司 (原華泰製衣公司),70年代已在香港建立製衣 業務,其間我們一直堅持及 追求高質素產品和最佳的服務, 達世界級水準, 具備款式多樣化之時裝製衣技術,帶給所有客戶高質素之保證,并在客戶中建立良好聲譽,我們之客戶遍布世界各地包括歐洲,美國,日本及本地.